Introducing KlayFi

  • KlayFi is a Yield Optimizer that provides the user-oriented Yield Farming experience to DEX and DeFi services in the Klaytn ecosystem. In addition to convenient auto-farming, earn maximum yield returns by utilizing the governance and economy of Dex and Defi protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem.

  • KlayFi is inspired by innovative Yield Farming models like PancakeBunny, Yearn Finance, Curve Finance, Convex Finance, and Synthetix. Our team redesigned these models and developed a progressive DeFi protocol, KlayFi, to bring innovative Yield Farming in the Klaytn ecosystem. These protocols are highly recognized by communities. KlayFi specifically studied the following protocols in depth; The seamless auto-compounding user experience of PancakeBunny, Proposing the optimal investment strategy for users of Yearn Finance, and mainly utilizing the governance model and token economy of DeFi pool in Convex Finance.

  • $KFI, a governance token of KlayFi, shares profits of the KlayFi protocol.

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