Behind The Scene

Why we build KlayFi

  • Klaytn provides a good condition for developing DeFi protocols due to its higher TPS and lower gas fees. There are many leading DeFi protocols such as KLAYswap, ClaimSwap, and KLEVA Protocol in the Klaytn ecosystem. The total TVL of these protocols reached almost 1.5 Billion USD. These protocols have many users, advanced governance models, and outstanding token economy schemes, but unfortunately, users do not fully utilize each protocol model.

For example,

in order to maximize optimal Yield Farming for KLAYswap, users must provide liquidity to pairs and get $KSP rewards. Then lock $KSP rewards to earn vKSP to vote for the appropriate Pool. (Users may make up to 250% additional APR utilizing $KSP, but it's challenging. There are too many steps for ordinary investors.)

Key assumption in the graph; - The price of the tokens A, B in the pair and $KSP are fixed - APR of the pool: 50%(fixed) - Trading fee: 0.3%, gas price: 0 - Model 1: Users sell all $KSP reward and re-deposit to the pool - Model 2: Users lock & vote all $KSP rewards from the pool and vKSP System

  • Our team developed KlayFi, a Yield Optimizer, to provide potential profits from Klaytn and KLAYswap. To achieve such a goal, KlayFi enables automotive yield farming and utilizes the governance and economy of Dex and Defi protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem.

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