About KlayStarter
KlayStarter is a new LaunchPad platform of KlayFi Lab. KlayStarter is designed in a way to bootstrap new projects and to vitalize the Klaytn ecosystem. Moreover, we expect KlayStarter to enhance KlayFi’s ecosystem and bring great value to the $KFI token economy.

Expanding the ecosystem through KlayStarter

The Klaytn ecosystem is one of the fast-growing blockchain networks. We’ve seen newly emerging projects in the Klaytn ecosystem in various sectors, including DeFi, NFT, and Utilities. As part of the Klaytn ecosystem, we wanted to be more interoperable. To achieve our goal (more like mission), KlayFi has been collaborating with different projects, sponsoring EN (Endpoint Node), supporting projects with a $KFI eco fund to enrich the Klaytn ecosystem. Our team will keep up the hard work.
In addition to our efforts, the KlayFi team aims to provide more effective ways to support the new project’s successful launch through KlayStarter. It is a fact that KlayFi is still new in the scene and has room to grow. There have been many unforeseen issues from the cold start. You have our words. We earned hands-on experiences in marketing, managing the community, fundraising, and so on. That is why we designed a new LaunchPad platform, KlayStarter.
KlayStarter will be an excellent stage for competitive Klaytn DApps and will lead to ecosystem expansion.

KlayFi steps further with KlayStarter

KlayFi has various schemes to strengthen its organic growth, such as buyback and lock, and we are still developing. Most importantly, the $KFI token value is the core of KlayFi’s token economy.
KlayStarter plays a significant role in terms of locking $KFI supply in the long term. With the existing buyback mechanism, KlayStarter will lead to the upward pressure of $KFI and achieve another level of expansion as a protocol.
KlayStarter was initiated because of the KlayFi community. Our community has supported the protocol from the beginning, and the KlayFi team appreciates its efforts to make it most productive among all Klaytn DeFi communities.

KlayStarter’s long-term goal.

Our vision KlayStarter will select projects that can satisfy the community. We expect most of the $KSTA used for participating in LaunchPad. During Season 1, the team will see how KlayStarter contributes to the ecosystem and the community.
If Season 1 goes well, KlayStarter will be Crypto Venture Capital for the community in the long term. Many outstanding projects are emerging in the market, but only institutional investors have opportunities to invest and contribute. KlayStarter will invest in outstanding projects as a community representative and aims to be the growing platform by sharing its profits with the community.
Eventually, it will look similar to DAO VC Meta Cartel (https://metacartel.xyz/) and The LAO (https://www.thelao.io/). Also, one of the important features of LaunchPad is selecting outstanding projects. We will adopt the voting system for $KSTA holders, and holders can directly select projects in the long term.
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