FAQs for KlayStarter

Can any project apply for KlayStarter LaunchPad? Or is it only for DeFi services?

Any Klaytn-based projects can apply for KlayStarter LaunchPad. The team is discussing with many different teams from various sectors such as GameFi, Derivatives, DEX, Optimal Swap//Arbitrage Services, NFT, and more.

Will the locking period be extended if a user deposits an additional $KFI into a $KFI Lock Pool?

After the locking period, Withdrawal will be activated. When a user deposits additional KFI, the KlayStarter resets deposit time on the chain. If a user wants to select different lock periods, we suggest using separate wallet addresses.

How do we calculate the unstaking period for $KSTA Pool?

Unstaking takes 7 days, and there will be no $KSTA rewards during the unstaking period. The team will inform users about LaunchPad at least 7 days before it begins. During the unstaking period, if a user unstakes additional $KSTA, KlayStarter resets the unstaking period.

What if a user wants to participate in LaunchPad while still in the unstaking period of $KSTA Pool?

There will be an Emergency Withdrawal feature in KlayStarter for such cases. Yet, there is a Withdrawal Fee starting from 50%, but it decreases closer to the unstaking date. The team will use all Withdrawal Fees to boost $KFI, $KSTA prices and enhance the KlayFi ecosystem.