$KSTA Token Economy
Season 1 runs for 6 months (182 days), the total supply of KSTA is 127,000,000. $KSTA will be generated only during the season of KlayStarter. Most KSTA will be burned towards the end of Season 1 by participating in LaunchPad.
For every LaunchPad, there will be a dramatic burn of $KSTA and a gradually increasing structure of mining rewards for KlayStarter Pools. $KSTA is developed in a way, sustainable growth of the token economy by LaunchPad participants.
$KSTA distribution for the Season 1
$KSTA and $KFI interact closely in the overall token economy. It is fundamentally designed to bring up $KFI value and strengthen the KlayFi token economy.
Without any prior/official notice from KlayFi Lab, if a $KSTA pool is created in any DEX (including KLAYswap), there is a very high possibility of fraudulent activity. Please be aware.
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