What makes KlayStarter special

Runs by seasons

KlayStarter runs by seasons. $KSTA supply is limited to each season to participate in LaunchPad. We aim to use all $KSTA tokens during the season. In other words, the team will balance the number of projects and $KSTA supply. By doing so, we expect all $KSTA tokens are used by the end of the season. On the contrary, if all KSTA tokens are used within the season, projects can apply for the KlayStarter LaunchPad in the next season.
This mechanism will lead to a stable $KSTA token price and positively impacts the $KFI price and the KlayFi token economy.

Contributing to the KlayFi token economy

KlayStarter is designed in a way that contributes to the KlayFi token economy directly and constantly.

$KFI Locking

KlayFi now has a strong long-term KFI locking system due to the $KFI Lock Pool of KlayStarter. It is not just locking circulating supply, but it directly affects the upward price pressure of $KFI. We expect an increase in APR for $KFI Staking Pool by staking $KFI into $KFI Pool of KlayStarter to earn $KSTA.
This will also lead to $KFI buying in the market and eventually a dramatic increase in KlayFi TVL. When the TVL increases, it will lead to a higher APR of $KFI Staking Pool.

$KFI Buying

KlayStarter affects direct buying of $KFI. When users provide liquidity into the KSTA-KFI LP pool, they need to buy $KFI to make LP tokens. This action will lead to upward price pressure of $KFI directly. Moreover, additional liquidity contributes to a stable value of $KFI price.


The team will use Emergency Unstaking Fees as Eco Fund for participating in LaunchPad. Any earned tokens will be used for Buybacking $KFI or Providing liquidity into KLAY-KFI Vault.

Leading the expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem as a portal for new Klaytn-based projects.

The Klaytn ecosystem grows rapidly, and KlayStarter empowers new projects with the ability to raise funds. We call it a ‘Warm Start.’ KlayStarter can accelerate the expansion of the overall Klaytn ecosystem.
There will be close collaborations with participating projects and bridging among new projects. We expect KlayStarter to become a portal for new projects.
We aim to strengthen the fundamentals of the Klaytn ecosystem through connecting projects and communities.
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Runs by seasons
Contributing to the KlayFi token economy
Leading the expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem as a portal for new Klaytn-based projects.