Fee Structure

KlayFi collects 30~50% Performance Fee from KlayFi Prime / Growth Vaults users and gives $KFI as rewards. Some of the Performance Fee go to $KFI Staking Pool user, and some are used for utilizing the governance model and token economy of KLAYswap.

  • KlayFi's fee structure is designed to grow $KFI ecosystem participants ($KFI Staking Pool users, KLAY-KFI Vault users, KlayFi Prime / Growth Vaults users) and overall connected DeFi services.

    • Performance Fee for $KFI Staking Pool user: Part of the Performance Fee will be distributed to $KFI Staking Pool user. The performance Fee for stakers will be 25% on its official launch. It also leads to constant upwards price pressure of $KFI.

    • Performance Fee for each governance system of DeFi protocol: Use for governance model and token economy of each DeFi protocol (e.g., CLS of ClaimSwap). This is only limited to when KlayFi is fully integrated with other protocols tokenomics. For example, KlayFi has been locking $KSP since its initial launch, but the full integration with KLAYswap’s tokenomics wasn’t successful. Therefore KlayFi does not proceed further with purchasing or locking $KSP. We aim to maximize users’ profits by locking governance tokens of DeFi protocol (CLA → CLS) and voting $KFI related pool, like KLAY-KFI LP Pool. It strengthens the governance reward of KLAY-KFI and increases liquidity and more voting incentives of $KFI. When we launched KlayFi Protocol initially, the Performance Fee for the vKSP system was 30%, but we adjusted it to 5%. This ratio will be adjusted again when KlayFi integrates with other protocols’ tokenomics.

    • As KlayFi decided to integrate our tokenomics with various protocols, there will be Performance Fees from many different DeFi services. Yet, using Performance Fee is not limited to particular DeFi service, which means the protocol may use Performance Fee from KLAYswap for the governance system of ClaimSwap.

    • Additional profits from the vKSP System will be re-invested or used for the $KFI ecosystem.

      (*KlayFi will convert the remaining 50% of $KSP to LP token for the farm and auto compounding.)

Performance Fee Ratio



Staking Pool




C. Governance system for DeFi services

Phase 4 (next)

Gradually decrease under 50%

Adjusted by Performance Fee Ratio

Adjusted by Performance Fee Ratio

Adjusted by Performance Fee Ratio

Phase 3 (Token level change is rejected on KLAYswap / Integrate with other DeFi services)




5%(CLS and others) *excludes vKSP

Phase 2 (Token level change was undecided on KLAYswap)





Phase 1 (Initial Launch)





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