Auto Compounding & Reward Claim

Auto Compounding

KlayFi provides an Auto Compounding feature for user convenience and maximizing the profits of Dex and Defi protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem users. Deposited assets in Vaults that support the Auto Compounding feature generate yield returns for $Defi Token and Airdrop Token. KlayFi harvests automatically yield returns and converts to LP. Then redeposit LP into Vaults. Users may benefit from our auto compounding yield returns.

  • Auto Compounding feature supports every Vault in Prime Vaults and Growth Vaults categories. Core Pool & Vaults are not auto-compounded.

  • For Prime Vaults and Growth Vaults, deposited assets are 100% auto-compounded without any additional actions by users.

  • Harvest is defined as the KlayFi protocol that collects yield returns and redeposits LP into the Vaults. Current harvesting frequency is usually every one or two hours, and its frequency is subject to change according to the optimizing process.

Reward Claim

KlayFi users may claim rewards equivalent to their deposited assets.

  • Rewards from Prime Vaults and Growth Vaults auto compound users' LPs before claiming. Earned Rewards are the expected Rewards when the user claims. In other words, Earned Rewards fluctuate depending on the price of LP, $KLAY, and $KFI.

The total amount of LP from auto compounding can be easily calculated by multiplying 2 of displayed LP in Earned Rewards. According to the Performance Fee ratios, half of LP will be rewarded as $KFI when the user claims.

  • Core Pool & Vaults are not auto compounded. Rewards will be given in $KFI or $KLAY.

  • Before Harvest, earned rewards are not displayed on the website, but user's rewards are accumulated accordingly.

Calculating APR and APY for rewards

  • KlayFi's APR calculation - APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is daily rewards converted to annually. - Performance Fee Ratio = ratio of Performance Fee in Rewards (currently 50%)

  • KlayFi's APY calculation

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