Core Pool & Vaults

The Core Pool & Vaults are keys to the KlayFi ecosystem. There are KFI Staking Pool and KLAY-KFI Vault. Currently, the Auto Compounding feature does not support the Core Pool and Vaults, but it is subject to change.

$KFI Staking Pool

  • Pool for Staking $KFI, a governance token of KlayFi. $KFI stakers will receive shared profits from the KlayFi protocol.

  • Profits will be granted in $KLAY.

  • Profits are from the Performance Fee of Vaults, and each DeFi protocol’s governance model.

  • $KFI Staking Pool has no withdrawal fee and no Performance Fee.


  • KLAY-KFI Vault provides liquidity to $KFI.

  • Users may use KLAY-KFI Vault by depositing LP (KLAY-KFI) token from DEX such as KLAYswap and ClaimSwap. Also, users receive LP tokens by providing liquidity to the KLAY-KFI pool in $KLAY and $KFI.

  • KLAY-KFI vault receives rewards from profits generated by $KFI minting and each DEX.

  • There is a 72hrs Withdrawal Fee of 0.5%.

  • KLAY-KFI Vault has no Performance Fee. (*Subject to change depending on the Vault management strategy, and any change will be notified in advance.)

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