Growth Vaults

KlayFi Growth Vaults define those vaults, which are recently launched vaults or have less liquidity but are rapidly growing or sensational in the market. Given the rapid growth in the market, KlayFi Lab quickly responds by providing its Auto-compounding feature and optimal Yield Farming experience to users. The rapid growth of the Growth Vaults also drives the growth of the KlayFi ecosystem.

Growing together, KlayFi and the fast-growing Vaults

  • KlayFi will use the part of Performance Fee from Growth Vaults for buybacking $KFI when Growth Vaults are stabilized in the market. This action leads to upward price pressure of KFI and enhances the KlayFi ecosystem.

  • More details about the change in Performance Fee structure for Growth Vaults will be announced via our official communication channels.

Growth Vaults

  • Growth Growth Vaults are managed the same as existing KlayFi Other Vaults.

  • The KlayFi protocol support auto-compounding for Growth Vaults.

  • KlayFi Other Vaults get rewards from profits from DEX that are fully integrated. (in terms of tokenomics)

  • There is a Performance Fee for the KlayFi other vaults; 7 $KFI will be rewarded for rewards equivalent to 1 $KLAY.

  • There is a 72hrs Withdrawal Fee of 0.5% and a Performance Fee of 30~50% for the KlayFi Other Vaults. Performance Fee can be adjusted on market conditions and the KlayFi ecosystem. If there is a change in the Performance Fee, the team will announce it via KlayFi official channels beforehand.

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