Prime Vaults

Prime Vaults act as an engine for the stable growth of the KlayFi protocol. It consists of various pools with adequate liquidity within each DEX.

  • They are for optimal Yield Farming returns, which support different paired pools such as KLAY-KUSDT, KLAY-sKLAY, KLAY-KSP, and more.

  • For example, assuming a paired pool has Token A and Token B, Users stake LP(A-B) tokens in the vault. Users receive LP(A-B) tokens by providing Token A and Token B liquidity in the paired pool.

  • KlayFi Prime Vaults get rewards from the profits of each DEX.

  • There is a Performance Fee for the KlayFi Prime Vaults; 7 $KFI will be rewarded for rewards equivalent to 1 $KLAY.

  • There is a 72hrs Withdrawal Fee of 0.5% and a Performance Fee of 30~50% for the KlayFi Prime Vaults. Performance Fee can be adjusted on market conditions and the KlayFi ecosystem. If there is a change in the Performance Fee, the team will announce it via KlayFi official channels.

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