Why KlayFi?

The value of KlayFi

KlayFi proposes a sustainable model, which utilizes the governance model and token economy of leading DeFi protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem. We believe the governance and economy are fundamentals of the ecosystem. Most Yield Aggregators in the scene only provide auto-compounding yield farming features of associated Pools. By doing so, it is challenging to create the value of Performance Fee.

On the other hand, it is quite challenging for each DeFi user to understand the protocol's governance model and token economy(e.g., vKSP system) and develop an optimized investment strategy, even managing it.

KlayFi supports the auto-compounding feature, the core feature of Yield Optimizer, and provides an advanced incentive model that allows profit maximization for users by connecting the fundamentals of DeFi protocols and KlayFi. The fundamentals, we define them as tokenomics of DeFi protocols. by connecting dots, KlayFi will positively impact the value of governance tokens of DeFi protocols.

For $KFI Staking Pool user

KlayFi shares its profits from the protocol (Performance Fee, profits from vKSP System) to $KFI Staking Pool user.

  • Part of Performance Fees from KlayFi Prime / Growth Vaults will be distributed to $KFI Staking Pool user.

  • Part of profits by locking $KSP from KlayFi Prime / Growth Vaults will be distributed to $KFI Staking Pool user.

  • Part of Trading Fees from KLAY-KFI LP Pool will be distributed to $KSI Staking Pool user.

For KLAY-KFI Vault user

KLAY-KFI vault users receive $KFI and $KSP rewards as providing liquidity to the KLAY-KFI Pool.

  • Minted $KFI per block will be distributed to users.

For KlayFi Prime / Other Vaults user

KlayFi auto-compounds the profits and distributes newly minted $KFI to KlayFi Prime / Growth Vaults users in return for Performance Fee. Moreover, profits from each protocol’s governance system will be applied to the price of $KFI.

  • KlayFi auto-compounds the part of the profits from KlayFi Prime / Growth Vaults, which are from the governance token of each DeFi protocol.

Users receive $KFI in return for the Performance Fee ($KSP, $CLA, and $KLEVA).

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