$KSTA(KlayStarter Token)

Basic Information


$KSTA is a token that users may participate in various LaunchPad of KlayStarter. Before listing in DEX or CEX, users have great opportunities to receive tokens of LaunchPad projects. To participate in KlayStarter LaunchPad, users need to burn or stake $KSTA tokens. The KlayFi team will provide the guidelines for using $KSTA before each LaunchPad starts.

$KSTA Minting Ratio

$KSTA minting will be executed as follows. In order to effectively compensate initial KlayStarter participants for their contribution, both the minting ratio and mining are high in the beginning and gradually decrease as the end of the season approaches. In addition, $KSTA has a token economy in which the circulation volume is further reduced through the burning event each time a KlayStarter LaunchPad project is launched. The continuous decrease in the circulation amount of $KSTA will keep the mining efficiency of each pool, including the $KFI Lock Pool, at an appropriate level.

How to earn $KSTA

There are two ways to earn $KSTA, 1) Yield Farming by staking assets into KlayStarter, 2) Buying $KSTA from exchanges like KLAYswap.

Yield farming by staking assets to earn $KSTA

  • $KFI Lock Pool: Users can select $KFI staking period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) and earn KSTA allocated to each staking period. There will be more rewards as users select a pool with a 6M locking period.
  • $KSTA Pool: Users also earn $KSTA by staking $KSTA. To withdraw staked $KSTA, there is a 7-day unstaking period.
  • KSTA-KFI LP Pool: Users can earn $KSTA by depositing KSTA-KFI LP. KSTA-KFI LP Pool has no locking period
  • Users must stake into KlayStarter Pools to earn $KSTA. Not in KlayFi’s Pool and Vaults.
  • All times (Periods) are in Block Time. There will be some time difference.
  • $KSTA Allocation Points and Rewards are subject to change. The team will note the community beforehand.

Buying $KSTA from exchanges

Users can buy $KSTA from exchanges. Soon will be available in KLAYswap.

Using $KSTA in KlayStarter

$KSTA is a token for participating in LaunchPad of new projects in KlayStarter. Users provide $KSTA into LaunchPad Pool when it begins. Instead, users receive projects’ tokens. When users send KSTA tokens, they will be burned or received by participating projects. Conditions are different for each project, and the team will inform the users before LaunchPad begins.
For example, when a user participates in a new project, A, in KlayStarter, the following shows the user journey.
Please note that this is just an example, and conditions can be different for each project.